Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Superhero's Really Do Exist

Last night's Costume Institute Gala certainly brought out stars and their best. And of course, when the best outfits come out, so do some of the worst. Majority of the invitees definitely experimented with the idea of being a superhero, even if only for one night. A few or our favorites were Zac Posen & Kate Mara, who look like the perfect Clark Kent and Louis Lane. But that's the reason I love Zac, he isn't afraid to gamble and it certainly paid off tonight. A few other of our faves were Anna Wintour herself, who go into the swing of things looking like she stepped right off of the mother ship, while Eva Longoria-Parker looked gorgeous in her deep plum dress, although if you look at it for too long, you'll start to think of eggplants and lettuce. Below is a list of Faves, Confused and Maybe Next Time:


Zac Posen and Kate Mara: Taking a gamble on blue, Posen really stands out in an effort to combine the blue leotard that Superman is known for while, combing it with the daily suit of Clark Kent and Kate looks wonderful in this canary yellow masterpiece

Christina Ricci looks quite lovely with her various tones of pink

Eva Longoria-Parker: I'll admit she looks like she may tip over any second from the weight of the dress, it's still quite beautiful

Anna Wintour is definitely the life of the party in this decadent metallic silver number

Slightly Indifferent:

Katie Holmes: While I somewhat like this dress mainly for its color, something is just off here

Maybe Next Time

Victoria "Posh" Beckham: While I almost hate to do this because she is with David, she just drug his stock down by 20% with this ensemble. I expect much more on the next outing Posh.

Lake Bell: No words, there just isn't anything that I can say to rationalize this to myself

**Images courtesy of Getty Images and Wire Images