Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gossip Girl: All About My Brother

**Image courtesy of CWtv.com

Well, well seems like the Upper East Side is alive with the sound of scandal. We open up the show to Jenny, Blair and their adorable little drawves sitting outside of the MET as always. Jenny has decided to jointly throw a party with Ahser, her new boy toy from Unity also on the Upper East Side. Jenny informs everyone that the party will be that weekend and gives everyone an invite with the exception of course of Blair. Then we shoot over to catch Serena spending some much needed q.t. {Quality time} with her little bro Eric on the way to school. While walking however, they bump into Dan who suddenly starts to discuss his disdain for Jenny's new wealthy armpiece. Dan seems super suspicious of him but Serena tells him to get to know him and just as Dan gets ready to gives it a shot, he catches Asher kissing another male mysterio.

Later on, we join Vanessa and Dan in Brooklyn at the cafe hanging out with their newly coined BFF Sara {aka Georgina/ Georgie}, who confesses that she can't wait until Dan and Vanessa introduce her to Serena. Meanwhile, Rufus and Lily are out shopping for Lily's upcoming nuptials to Bart Bass. But back at Casa de Humphrey a little later, Dan tries to talk to Jenny about what he saw Asher doing earlier in the day, but being young and impresionable has is disadvantages, Jenny gets made a belittles Dan telling him that Asher is everything that he has ever wanted to be, which is rich, handsome and cultured. Next day, mildy upset and desperate to reach Jenny before she does something that the will regret, he bumps into Blair who asks him something about Asher, but Blair informs him that by their world essentially revoling around Gossip Girl and their friends, that might be the best way to get to her. So Dan decides to tip his own sister off through means of GG.

After the tip to GG, we find Jenny in the halls of Constance Billard waking with her friends as soon as the tip comes in and the girls question Jenny about Asher. She quickly replies, "we went to third base, well I didn't he did." We finally catch back up with Serena who is getting ready to have a quiet dinner with their mother and brother when none other than Georgina shows up to crash the party. While at dinner Georgina just so happens to out the younger van der Woodsen, Eric about his homosexual frolicking. Lily clearly shocked and Serena on the brink of rage and sadness quickly goes to comfort him and asks why didn't he tell her. While everything is unfolding there Rufus catches Jenny in a lie about where she will be going later on in the week, while she's told him she is scheduled to go to choir practice during the time of her scheduled party. Meanwhile, Serena gets home to open a package that she has been alerted about. When she opens the packs, its a videotape inside and its from the night that Georgina drugged her. Mortified by what she's seen, she quickly hides the tape. Then a little later, Jenny is busy at Asher's place. While there Jenny tries to make a move on him and he declines. However, it becomes clear that Jenny knew all along that Asher was gay and that they were both indeed using each other for a certain status symbol. Asher offers her money and status within the most prominent cliques in the city as long as she continues to help him keep his homosexuality under wraps.

On the night of the party as Jenny gets ready to leave, Rufus, her dad, stops her and tells her that she can't go to the party and that she's going to have to cancel it. She shortly then walks out in order to be on time for the evenings events. Meanwhile, we catch Serena, Dan and Vanessa hanging out in a restaurant waiting for Sara to show up. Once she gets they're Serena realizes that its no one other than Georgina who's going by the alias. They have a few words and Georgina threatens to show the tape that she made of Serena to Dan and Vanessa. She blackmails Serena into pretending that they are friends so that she can continue to keep Dan in the dark about her secret, whatever it may be. As they're leaving Serena warns Dan no to trust her, but Dan gets mad and tells her that maybe she should just go home. Over at Jenny and Asher's party, we see Jenny trying to entertain guests while cuddling with Asher in order to keep everything together when Blair crashes the party and shows up with another guest, Eric van der Woodsen. Eric immediately goes to confront Asher about the fact that he's gay and in doing so comes out to everyone at the party. Asher denies it and calls Eric a faggot. Then Blair tells Jenny and Asher that she could ruin the both of them, but wont do it because of her loyalty to Eric, but Eric gives her the word to send the tip to GG about Jenny's little gay boyfriend. In doing so, her friends ask her what really happened and the truth comes out and they tell Jenny that they no longer want to be friends with her.

Winding down from the nights affairs, a broken Jenny shows up at Blair's house to tell her that she has won and she's done with the whole thing. Feeling defeated Jenny returns home and breaks down. The next day, Serena shows up at Blair's and breaks down {boy, Blair just stays busy}. She starts crying and telling Blair that she has a secret and thats why she hasn't been around lately. But she doesn't want to tell her because she doesn't want to get her involved. Eventually Serena cracks from carrying around such a secret and tells Blair that she killed someone.