Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where The Little Bumble Bee Roams...

Let's just say I have never been a big fan of bugs, in fact I run every time I see one. However, these little bugs, I was drawn to them, kind of like a moth to a candle flame. You see these little bugs don't bite, don't sting nor do they buzz around you head all day. These are more of the shimmering diamond type of bug.

Jack Barouh, the owner of Michele watches, in a collaboration with his wife have created a little bit of serenity in their Garden Party Collection. It focuses on three common bugs {the ladybug, bumble bee and the snail} to help bring this serene afternoon to life. The watches are crafted elegantly utilizing diamonds and enamel to paint the picture of a quiet afternoon in the garden while an alligator wristband holds it all together. However, this is a limited edition series and will be around for only a short time.