Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Funky Little Shoes

Sometimes you feel like going off the beaten path. Like not even following any fashion trends, just downright rebellious. Then there are those times when change is good. I don't know exactly how I was feeling but you get my drift, it wasn't normal. So here we go. And yes, it does have something to do with shoes. It goes a little like this:

Too cute!
By: Joy Chen
Name of shoe: "Mollie"
This unique looking design combines caramel tan patent leather with natural linen along the straps, a linen-wrapped 3 1/2" chunky round heel, and a 1/2" linen-wrapped platform under the footbed. Tortoise colored round buckles. This shoe runs about 1/2 a size large.

By: Melissa
Name os shoe: "Yourself"
Green, Martini olive foam wedge with shiny matching straps, this shoe really rises to the occasion!

By: Bolo
Name of shoe: "Simone"
Bolo comfort, Bolo style, in spicy red patent leather! Perfect for the sizzling summer season, this wedge slip-on will surely heat things up. 3" heel, true to size.

By: Modern Vintage
Name of shoe: "Diva"
Dark blue textured fabric on the wedge heel, with blue leather and white stitching over the toe.

By: Accessoire
Name of shoe: "Domino"
Russell Crowe could have have totally been the king of Rome if he had been wearing these electric blue rock 'n' roll Gladiator sandals. 3" wedge heel, and a 3/4" platform at the toe. True to size.

By: Modern Vintage
Name of shoe: "Tony"
Sassy black patent leather wedge sandal with a blocky 4" architectural heel. Leather footbed wraps around and underneath, true to size.
All shoes available at: Clementines
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