Monday, March 31, 2008

My Bag Says F&@K Off!!!

My bag doesn't really say that, but if I get a Lady Bag, it has the potential to. The bag is still in it's development phase, however it's made by women for women. The bag is designed to make sure that women always remember the daily essentials {I hope it doesn't program for that monthly event, how embarrassing}, like keys, cell phones, wallets before they leave home for work, shopping or whatever it is that keeps you beautiful ladies busy. The Lady Bag, developed by a team of six women at Canada’s Simon Fraser University it uses RFID technology to detect items inside the bag.

The LadyBag will show the item’s icon on the outside LED display, if that item is missing from the bag. Once everything is in place a smiley emoticon lights up and you're on your way. To let the bag know what it should look for, each item to be tracked needs an RFID tag insert or attached to it. It’s kind of a reverse application of the RFID technology that beeps when people leave the store without paying for an item {because we truly believe that people don't steal, right}. Only difference, this purse wants to make sure everythings inside for you. Also, the LED display on the outside of the bag reflects the owner’s emotional state using emoticons. The bag determines your emotional state through your interactions which are registered via physical sensors. Be careful ladies when talking to that person that you pretend that you like, but you really don't. Next time, instead of your face showing it, your purse might.

**Images courtesy of Lady