Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Chloe & Reese

Couture-lovers, take note: Chloe & Reese wants to bring custom creations to the masses. The brand will launch their website tomorrow, but will be offering savvy shoppers more than just your average e-commerce offerings. The site will include an international custom shop, making them the first woman's ready-to-wear collection to offer shoppers around the world the opportunity to customize any of Chloe & Reese's darling dresses, blouses, coats and more (from seasons past and present!) in hundreds of colors and fabrications, like silk failles, vintage-look brocades, Italian wool cashmere blends, satins and velvets. All garments are made to order and shipped within a two-week delivery window.

"With the launch of our international custom shop, we offer a fresh perspective on the traditional shopping experience by making it more personal and valuable to the consumer," said Annmarie Scotto, Chloe & Reese designer. "Shoppers can get exactly what they want, with garments that reflect their own personal style." The custom shop isn't chloeandreese.com's only draw: with its launch, the website will also feature promotional incentives like Free Frock Fridays and The Boyfriend List, a registry where users can keep a wish list--and include their boyfriend or husband's email address.

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Louis Vuitton The "Graffitti Print"

Fashion graffiti has reemerged as global luxury brand Louis Vuitton brings out yet another graffiti pop collection.

The spray-art inspired collection for Louis Vuitton is a collaboration with artist Stephen Sprouse for the second time around. The first time was with the graffiti collection back in 2001 which took the fashion world by storm; this time they are elaborating on past success.

Spouse has now recreated the graffiti print, and it’s just the bags this time that have been under the spray can - the graffiti luxe touch has been added to sneakers, shoes, sunglasses as well as a range of clothing.

No doubt the graffiti art scene is growing in the streets, and that is all good, but the fashion graffiti craze is a little beyond me… Too much going on. I can’t wait to see this fad turn back to basics again.

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Favorites Of The Day

Navigating all the sales is a real job. But finding the good stuff is sooooo worth it!

"Dark Bronze Leather Ruffle Detail Pumps"
Available at Blue Fly

This is a bag to watch. I'll bet you see a lot of bags made like this in the upcoming season.
Louis Vuitton
"Mahina L"
Available at E-Luxury

Just a very pretty, feminine blouse. Comes in blue too.

Max Studio
"Silk Charmuse Front Tie Top"
Available at Max Studio

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