Tuesday, July 1, 2008

On The Campaign Trail: Longchamp & Kate Moss

As we have seen late in the season, supermodel Kate Moss has been being downgraded... like... A LOT. She was recently bumped from Yves Saint Laurent for Naomi Campbell, moved to Just Cavalli instead of Roberto Cavalli line. Well at least she still has Longchamp. For the fall 2008 campaign she is featured with model Gaspard Ulliel. Longchamp is known for changing the mood up every season for its various campaigns went with a M+M motif. This season is no different. With five various shots for the ad campaign all of you ladies {and gents} that love Gaspard.

My Gosh! Their Sooo Cute!

There seems to be no age limit on wearing "cute clothes" so let me show you a couple of "cute " things from Anthropologie. They never disappoint when it comes to stylish, affordable clothes. Their pieces are usually classics with a twist. But you know whatever they have it'll be a keeper because it meets my durability, well-made, and stylish test. Take a look at these fall pieces:

Plum Perfect Trench

Picture Window Jacket

Finch & Thistle Dress

This is just too cute, you've got to see it on! Dove's Flight Sweater Coat

Abundance Jacket

Ok, that's enough, you know where to go!

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