Thursday, March 6, 2008

This Is Fun (Not Really)

I'll admit it, I'm having the hardest time finding some swimwear I like, which is also making me dread my impending vacation. Then I remembered one of my truly guilty pleasures "Gossip Girl." Admit it, all of you have watched that show at least once be it for the fashion or the Cruel Intentions-esque vibe. I remember in the episode "School Lies" when Blair, Serena and their henchmen broke into the school pool, Serena had on this beautiful plunge V-neck swimsuit and Blair wore a preppy red polka dot bikini; then the quest began. A few months later and a lot of research and my quest has come to an end with wonderful results (OK, I admit, I could have been done a LOT sooner). The swimsuits that Serena and Blair wore in that episode have a modern twist on the classic swimsuits from the 1930's. This seems to be the trend this year so I am quite sure that I will be in good company this summer laying poolside with my sunhat. In case I forgot to mention before all you Gossip Girl addicts can expect the show to resume airing in mid-April. However, by that time I would have already snuck into their studio and kidnapped their costume designer then i'll have all of the cool clothes (HA HA HA)!

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