Monday, November 17, 2008

Favorites Of The Day

In case you've got a second to might want to read this especially if you're a shoe lover.

Camilla Morton
"A Year In High Heels: The Girls Guide To Everything From Jane Austin To The A-List"
Available At Amazon

We are talking gift sets already. You know one our favs is Jo Malone.

Jo Malone
"Cologne Collection"
Available at Saks Fifth Avenue

SCREAMIN SALES!!! I'm giving you the 411 on a major sale! The discounts are deep. So you'd better get on over there while it lasts.

Jennifer Alfano
"Get Away Ostrich"
Available at Ideeli

OK, this is another sale item. It too is offered at a deep discount. Sooo many sales sooo many goodies to be had!

Made Her Think
"Rhodium Sirens Cuff"
Available at Gilt Group

"Every artist was once an ametuer."---Ralph Waldo Emerson

Lovin Life, Truth Is