Monday, September 22, 2008


Supercar purists would call this stretch Ferrari 360 Modena limousine an abomination; I agree, but read on, because this Ferrari is quite special too.

This Ferrari limo’s 0-60 is less than six seconds, and it reaches a top speed of 166 MPH--a loss of just 17 MPH than a standard Modena. To make the 20-foot Ferrari limo, a 360 Modena was chopped in half and stretched 9.5 feet. A hand-built carbon fiber section makes the stretch possible.

The Ferrari limo only seats eight people, but has already claimed the Guinness World Record for fastest limousine. The limo’s creators are under heavy fire from Ferrari, who claims that the car has been so heavily modified as to be unrecognizable and mandates that its creators remove all Ferrari badges to avoid trademark infringement. Ferrari---I really don't know of any other car that has the limo's shape so regardless to whether you remove the "Ferrari Badges" or not WE ALL KNOW IT'S A FERRARI!

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