Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tom Ford Is So Hot!!!

For the most part this article will be about Mr. Double-O Ford, but before I get to that, am I the only one that has noticed a lot of notable male designers becoming vulnerable and flaunting their newly improved physiques for various editorials? First there was Marc, when he went on the record about dropping a substantial amount of weight, shedding his old {psychotic, might we add} lover and flaunting his newly toned biceps. And now we have Tom Ford, Mr. 007 himself. {Am I the only one that wants this man to crawl into bed with me at night}I am noticing an increasing trend of top male fashion designers flaunting their own physique. In this months Prestige Hong Kong, we catch Mr. Ford in a deeply personal interview with accompanying photos taken by Jeff Burton in Fords home, which he goes on to say they are some of his favorite photographs of himself.

The expose article entitled, The Man in Full explores Ford from head to toe in editorial photos while he gets intimate about several subjects. Ford discusses memories of growing up and his fascination with fashion, his partner Richard and their plans to adopt a son, his feelings about being nominated for a Council of Fashion Designers of America Award for his own brand, his feelings about Karl Lagerfeld, his decision to leave the fashion world in 2004, his diet and workout. The article even goes as far to discuss how he doesn’t bathe for three or four days, his philosophy on mens wear, if he will ever design a suit for a woman and how he would like to dress Barack Obama for the presidency.

I wonder who's next? Valentino? Giorgio? Lagerfeld?