Friday, May 2, 2008

Hah! Hah! Lego's Still ROCK!!!

I think I might have been the only person to ask for a set of brand spankin' new Lego's when I was in the 11th grade. In fact, my mother had looked at me like I had down right lost my ever lovin mind. But ah, yes, there was a method to my madness. Little did I know the very fact that I had played with those techni-colored blocks for over a decade would play a role in the way I view fashion. {I know, what could hard little blocks have to do with fashion} To prove my point, last year, when everyone thought Beyonce hadn't quite got it right with Balenciaga's infamous "Lego-themed" shoe {BTW: I found out that its called a 'cage' shoe which had four editions} I might have been the only screaming, "OMFG!!! those are so cute." Getting to my point, don't diss Lego's my fellow friends, due to their popularity with children and parents constantly injuring themselves on them around the house, those little pieces of plastic inspire more than you would think. Hey if you think I'm the only one that feels this way the lovely folks at Chanel just re-introduced a new lego type shoe.