Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ode To Escada

Brushes of Purple, Gold Flashes
Hues of Blue, Grey and Pink
All of these things mean so much to me.
My only wish,
Is for you to see,
How much I love you
And maybe send me some clothes
cheap or for free...

Bishop Blouse $1,050 & Jaquard Skirt $1,050 (Neiman Marcus)

Draped Colored Block Dress $1,750 (Neiman Marcus)

Floral Print Dress $1,790 (Neiman Marcus)

Full Sleeve Blouse $1,050 & Rose Print High-Waisted Skirt $1,050 (Saks Fifth Avenue)

Ok seriously, forget about my terrible crack at poetry. I just cant describe how in love I am with Escada and their selections right now. The main reason for my admiration is all of the clothes are simply perfect. The colors, designs and sophistication. Im not going to deny that it will cost you a small fortune to own some of these pieces. So as soon as I stumble across that large fortune I will be going to beat down the doors of Escada's flaship store.