Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cargo Pants

Every year it seems as though a lot of the design houses do their version of the "Cargo Pant" specifically for their spring collections. Since I could use a pair or two this year I decided to see what's out there. Just "Cargo Pants" right? It can't be that many different versions of them?---Can it? Giacomo "Gimmo" Etro's version of the cargo pant (pictured left) is sort of dressed down. It has a black jacket with red trim and a flowered shirt. Am I missing something here? I would have like to seen them paired with the jacket (pictured below) by Etro. Then the flowered top trimmed in black under the jacket. It works for me. I like their choice of sandal too. A note, Etro started his textile house in 1968, producing superb fabrics in intricate prints borrowed from the world's palates. After making a splash with its paisley-printed clothing in the 80's, the company expanded into full-on designer ready-to-wear in the 90's. Etro now covers sectors from home furnishings to fragrance and accessories. Kean Etro handles menswear. His sister, Veronica, designs the women's collection. Their floral prints are beautiful. The "Etro's" did cargo's right, we'll just have to keep an eye on them for future pieces.

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-Eleanor Roosevelt

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