Friday, March 27, 2009

A Blast From The Past---Bill Blass Is Set To Re-open

WWD reports that Peacock International Holdings LLC is on the hunt for a new creative director for Bill Blass, which it bought from NexCen for $10 million a few months back. Executives declined comment but are said to be readying to rev up the women’s and men’s collections later this year.

It's kind of exciting. Can they live up to the houses standards? Will they be a player? Now let's just hope they get one **** good Creative Director.

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Favorites Of The Day

I'm so sure this bag is gonna sell out. This little bag packs lots of style, Did you notice the cell phone pocket on the side?

"Daisy Signature Satchel"
Available at Guess

You know I'm shoe crazy about shoes so it should not be a surprise to you that I'm showing you this gladiator, wedge heel type sandal. It's actually cute!

Robert Clergerie
Available at Barney's

Ok, this little bag is gonna sell out too. It comes in two other colors and it is simply divine!

Juicy Couture
"Leather Baby Fluffy Satchel"
Available at Neiman Marcus

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