Monday, October 27, 2008

Favorites Of The Day

Actually, I was looking for a pair of jeans when my eyes caught this top. I think it's cute.

7 For All Mankind
Asymmetrical Ruffle Top
Available at 7 For All Mankind

It's a bag for goodness sake! You know I like it! I like it even more because it's on sale! Really, really big sale!

Bergame Glossy
Available at Ideeli

Too & sooo sexy! Regardless to what you wear with these, if you wear them like their suppose to be worn I'm gonna have to send out security with you! I can just see 'em sweating! Now who's brave enough to wear them?

Thigh High Boots
Available at Neiman Marcus

"He who has a why to live by can bear almost any how."---Friedrich Nietzsche

Lovin Life, Truth Is