Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Y-3 is a company that I'd been looking at in the past for casual wear. You know that kind of "Whatever is ok day." Sporty, laid back, casual to say the least. However Y-3 brings it up just a notch or two. I really think you could wear some of these pieces to the office with no problem. Then you could go out too. At any rate Y-3's Fall Ready To Wear Fall 2008 Collection is a keeper. Here's just a few pieces.

Relax, take a afternoon stroll. You'd be dress to! Too cute!
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In About An Hour...

The Gucci Resort 2009 show will take place, live via webcast. Are you ready? {Click picture to enter the show}. If you log in before 1:30pm you can watch the preparations for the show which is taking place at 8pm in Villa Aurelia, Rome.

The show was amazing. I will post photos as soon as they become available.

On The Campaign Trail: Versace

This is a glimpse from the Fall 2008 Ad Campaign for Versace. The campaign features models Isabeli Fontana {pictured left} and Natalia Vodianova with images taken by Mario Testino.

Versace's latest ad campaign shot
s utilized a quiet lesbian relationship between Natalia and Isabeli for the theme. The pictures explore the dynamics of the average hetero/homosexual relationship. From moments where one party needs their "space" to the moments that breed nights of passion. Testino's pics start appearing in various fashion publications this month.

**Images courtesy of Versace

Anastasia-A Flare For The Different

Okay, now I love almost anything that is different, yet-stylish, and can be considered a classic. Which is why I love this shop called Anastasia. OMG! They have way too many designers for me to list here. The majority of their things is just plain different. Some, different to an extreme, some pleasantly different. All with an edge you may not have thought of. Here are a few selections that I absolutely LOVE!

ES Orchestres, "Summer Coat"

Rue Du Mail, "Organza Applique Dress"

Junya Watanabe, "Black Linen Dress"

Junya Watanabe, "Ruffle Blouse"

A.F. Vandevorst "Long Dress"

Y3, Y-3 Phasma 90
Now I don't know if I'd ever wear the shoe, probably would, but it would definitely have to be a crazy day!
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