Wednesday, May 28, 2008

You Gotta See These!

When the cats away the mice play! It's all good though. Lexie knows how addicted I am to handbags. Hopefully she won't throw a fit! Anywho---I just wanted you to see these handbags by Gherardini and Carla Mancini before I literally scream!

Carla Mancini CM754 Black

Available in Brown, Red, Black Suede, Brown Suede, Olive Suede

Carla Mancini CM 768 Tan

Available in Black, Brown, Rust, Olive

By Gherardini

Phlox, EPXo2 VTBM

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Lovin Life, Truth Is

Up And Coming? They've Arrived!

Lorenz Leather has been creating handcrafted leather jackets and accessories in Florence, Italy since 1982. Each piece is produced with genuine Italian leather and is handmade by the most skilled Florentine artisans. These bags are WELL made. It would be a crime not to show them to you! Style and craftmanship, I can't think of a better marriage.

Catalina Tan
Catalina is a Lorenz Leather classic. Since it came out, this gorgeous handbag has become their most sought after handbag thus far

Torrina Tuscan Red
Torrina's elegant look will fit any occasion with its versatile design; it comes with a shoulder strap for day or handles for a more evening look.

Lasiana Camel Tan
Lasiana's sleek size is perfect for evenings out while still having a functional design.

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Lovin Life, Truth Is