Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Funky Little Shoes

Sometimes you feel like going off the beaten path. Like not even following any fashion trends, just downright rebellious. Then there are those times when change is good. I don't know exactly how I was feeling but you get my drift, it wasn't normal. So here we go. And yes, it does have something to do with shoes. It goes a little like this:

Too cute!
By: Joy Chen
Name of shoe: "Mollie"
This unique looking design combines caramel tan patent leather with natural linen along the straps, a linen-wrapped 3 1/2" chunky round heel, and a 1/2" linen-wrapped platform under the footbed. Tortoise colored round buckles. This shoe runs about 1/2 a size large.

By: Melissa
Name os shoe: "Yourself"
Green, Martini olive foam wedge with shiny matching straps, this shoe really rises to the occasion!

By: Bolo
Name of shoe: "Simone"
Bolo comfort, Bolo style, in spicy red patent leather! Perfect for the sizzling summer season, this wedge slip-on will surely heat things up. 3" heel, true to size.

By: Modern Vintage
Name of shoe: "Diva"
Dark blue textured fabric on the wedge heel, with blue leather and white stitching over the toe.

By: Accessoire
Name of shoe: "Domino"
Russell Crowe could have have totally been the king of Rome if he had been wearing these electric blue rock 'n' roll Gladiator sandals. 3" wedge heel, and a 3/4" platform at the toe. True to size.

By: Modern Vintage
Name of shoe: "Tony"
Sassy black patent leather wedge sandal with a blocky 4" architectural heel. Leather footbed wraps around and underneath, true to size.
All shoes available at: Clementines
"Your ideas, visions and dreams, whatever they may be, are the prophecies of what you shall one day become and achieve. You can predict your outer life tomorrow by looking at your inner self today. You can change your tomorrow by changing your inner self today."---Anonymous

Lovin Life, truthis

Help the Honey Bees - Haagen Dazs Promotes New Cause

Luxe ice cream manufacturer Haagen Dazs has developed an elaborate public awareness campaign to the help save the honey bees. Alarmingly “more than 25% of the Western honey bee population has disappeared over the last several winters.”
The ad is an operatic video by the Goodby Silverstein & Partners agency. It is poignant and heartbreaking. Then there is the interactive “Help the Honey Bees” web site. This ‘sweet’ site is extremely informative and well presented.
You can even make your own custom animated honey bee to send the “save the honey bee” message to all you friends. To help spread awareness the company has also produced a new ice cream flavour ‘Vanilla Honey Bee’ as a “tribute to these essential creatures.”
"To be ambitious for wealth and yet expecting to be poor; to be always doubting your ability to get what you long for, is like trying to reach east by traveling west. There is no philosophy which will help man to succeed when he is always doubting his ability to do so, and thus attracting failure." --Charles Bandouin
Lovin Life, truthis

Glowing Heels - LED Alina Shoes

While the top of these shoes have ordinary black sandal straps, the LED Alina Shoes have a clear Cinderella heel that glows in brilliant colours.
They come in different heel shapes, from wedges to stilettos, and each pair is capable of glowing in red, green or blue as each shoe has three LEDs. Best of all, they start as low as $30!

"Vision is not enough unless combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps unless we also step up the stairs." ---Vance Havner
Lovin Life, truthis

Gossip Girl: Desperately Seeking Serena

**Photo courtesy of CWtv.com: Jenny's new toy

Here's the dish: We open to five high school juniors grappling with a sh*t load of stress and depression upon their impending SAT examination. Blair using her maid, Dan's dad has went from art museum owner to ancient roman sundial. After this chaotic mess we rejoin Chuck and Serena at Constance Billard {their high school}. Chuck has researched the whereabouts the ubiquitous Georgina{played by Michelle Trachtenberg, we haven't seen here in 20 years}, a former friend of Serena, whose supposed to be in Switzerland hold-up with a prince. Also taking place within the halls of Constance Billard, Blair invites the girls to SAT prep minus Jenny because she's too young {OUCH! I bet that hurt little J}. We later rejoin Serena on her way about the campus, when SURPRISE!Georgina shows up in the courtyard.

After being ousted from the group for the week, Jenny speaking with another minion decides that she needs a king to put her back on top of the carbon food chain that is their existence and its upon her mulling this thought over she runs into a handsome teenager walking dogs. But, Jenny quickly dismisses him as a loyal servant as he introduces himself as Asher and tells her to give him a call.
{Now, can someone remind me when Jenny became too good to date a dog walker, oh yea, when she stole the couture Valentino dress} Then we quickly shoot out to Brooklyn where Vanessa is helping Dan study for the SAT. Nate just so happens to walk in and offers up some of his study material to Dan and Vanessa obligingly scourges him.

Meanwhile Serena promised Dan that she would meet him in Brooklyn

for a play study date. However she's actually at the bar with Georgina knocking
down cosmo's when things turn sour because Georgie {as she is affectionately called} asks her to take something right before they dance with two barflys.
Serena gets unnerved by this, I guess remembering party's past, and goes off in
the back to call her beloved soon to be step-bro Chuck for help {do I smell an ugly alliance brewing}. Chuck agrees to help and calls Dan to inform him that Serena will not be able to make their study date due to food poisoning {I've had that before and it sucks, not something to play with}. But Dan can smell Chuck's devils brew from a mile away.

The next day back at Constance Prep, Dan immediately confronts Chuck and
tells him to leave Serena alone. Just as things look tense Serena shows and busted... In a little white lie that is quickly retracted when Chuck and Serena can't get a migraine and food poisoning right. Always the good girl with the mean streak, Blair and
the three drawers go full steam with their plan to find something to use to
knock uber student Nelly Yuki off her pedestal. Breeze past to lunch hours and we Jenny sees her dog walker again, this time handing his dogs off to the actual walker. And Jenny decides that Asher Hornsby, who attend Utica, is precisely the prince she needs to squash Blair under her foot. Back in Brooklyn we see Vanessa and Nate
having a cup of coffee after he's returned visiting with his dad at the rehab center. Vanessa tells Nate that she was moved by his essay about "being trapped in between two parents." And then just as we get settled into the idea that Nate might like Vanessa, Georgie gives Serena a real life multiple choice question.

We cut to Jenny and Dan in Brooklyn at the Casa de Humphrey. Dan studying while worrying about Serena. Then their dad walks in and surprises
Jenny with a new sewing machine but tells her that she is still grounded and can't
spend time with the tall mysterio Asher tomorrow for lunch. It's here that we are wondering where in the world is Serena... Then we catch Blair and the
three drawves again with Nelly Yuki having a girls night in with smoothies and
masseuses. B somehow has befriended Nelly and ironically her ex comes by and want to
talk with her {suprimo timing B}. Finally we see Georgie and Serena out for dinner and talking. Georgie seemingly interested in Dan and Serena's new life asks to hear all about it. Then we splice over to Nate and Vanessa walking through Brooklyn talking. When Nate and Vanessa arrive at the boutique where she goes to get her notebook, Nate decides to go for it and kiss her {things just got tougher for B}. We then go back to Serena stepping away from the table to call Dan when Georgie slips a clear substance in Serena's diet coke.

The morning of the SAT, Serena wakes up in Georgie's apartment not
having a clue about the previous nights actions. Serena is of course suspicious that something is a miff, but yet she continues to head for the door so she can make it to SAT. But on her way out she calls Chuck to ask him to hold the door for her. At the SAT site, Blair runs into Nelly looking like she hasn't slept in days. And she informs Blair that her and Tom, the bf, fought all night about the same thing and they still haven't reunited. She drops her calculator and then Blair reveals upon Nelly leaving that she took the batteries out of her calculator. Therefore sabotaging her shot at good SAT scores. Next We Dan and Blair, both in line for seating are wondering where is Serena and Dan stumbling upon a redhead saying that she was Serena. Somehow in the midst of all of this drama, we cut to Nate outside of Vanessa's job at the coffeehouse in Brooklyn. He tells her that he wants to take her somewhere. After she mulls about it for a second she decides to get in and he takes her to where the SAT is at. He tells her that he is sure that her parents aren't going to get mad about her following here own path and convinces her to go inside with the other students and take the SAT.

While everyone is at the SAT, Jenny and talking and he's still being a hardass about Jenny seeing Asher. Then we scoot back over to the SAT's where Dan and Blair catch Nate and Vanessa talking right after the SAT. Later on, Dan shows up at Chucks
apartment to talk to Serena. Desperately trying to reach his girlfriend. Dan
then tells Serena that he knows that she paid some redhead to take the SAT for
her. Serena looks at Chuck and tells him that he took it too far. Serena
promises him that she will call him later and tell him all about it. {you know things are bad when even Chuck gets suspicious}Chuck asks Serena what did she do that was so bad that she can't even tell him. Serena leaves Chuck's place and shows up at Georgie's place telling her to stay out of her life. In between that Georgie starts muttering something about last year and how Serena "was there just like her when he walked in on..." And then they both agree to stay out of each other lives. Then we see Dan sitting on the bench in the park looking a out at the water. When all of a
sudden a ball comes in his direction along with a beautiful golden retriever and Georgie following the dog and introducing herself to Dan under the name Sara. Meanwhile in Brooklyn, Ahser shows up at her door with a bag if hot dogs. He said well since she couldn't come to them that he would bring them to her. While Rufus is
sitting in the door looking at all of this Ahser says that he wishes more of
his friends parents would punish them when they are out of line. And then Rufus tells him to come on in....

WTF!?!?! Of The ENTIRE Week

For starters, has anyone noticed for the past few months the people over at Condé Nast are really starting to get under people's skin? I mean first it was LeBron and Gisele and Gweneth in Vogue. Now for June, we have Miley Cyrus and Vanity Fair. I personally feel that all of the hullabaloo is totally unwarranted and unnecessary.


I would like to say to you that as an artist of a younger generation you have a moral standard to uphold. In addition to this, there is nothing artistically wrong with your pictures. Your father was there with you at the shoot and you were perfectly fine and comfortable then. Now, a few of your fans get upset and you start to think, "well this might hurt my reputation, which in turn hurts my profits" So you decide to apologize for doing nothing wrong. You took back a statement that you originally meant to put out there about there being a serenity and innocence that is present in you that has been lost with the recent events of fellow celebutaunts. I think it takes great cowardice to respond to such backlash from a few photos as distancing yourself from them. Again, for the record, you did nothing wrong. You are fifteen. You are developing into a woman before the eyes of millions. You wore a drape over yourself to protect the innocence that still exists within you. I can't tell you much about the world, but I can tell you one thing for sure, by not standing behind something that you originally found artistic, you have probably ruined you shot at ever being on the cover of Vanity Fair or any other Condé Nast publication for quite sometime. But I still think you are a wonderful role model for little boys and girls everywhere and honestly, you're probably the one raising majority of the kids anyway.

Now back to the issue. I think that people should let this young woman be free to be herself. I highly doubt your twelve year old is looking at a Vanity Fair magazine understanding the social consciousness and awareness about global warming and politics, let alone seeing her on the cover. Seriously people let's all be a little bit more realistic, by the time your child is 4 years old, they've heard about sex, caught someone having sex or someone in the school yard has said to them "i'll show you mine, if you show me yours." This is a major WTF!?!?

**Image courtesy of Condé Nast Publications
***The above letter is a reflection of the authors position and does not neccessairly represent those of the entire F*Word staff.