Wednesday, August 6, 2008


There is simply no explanation, no description, no words, for the absolute artistry I'm about to bring you. I'll have to admit that I'd only heard of them once back in 2004 before this blog was even born. I even venture to say it was one of those conversations that was you really don't take seriously. Now that I'm writing this blog I take everything seriously because you never know where you next big lead is going to come from. LANCEL, please don't forget someone told you about them only to be reminded of them later on like I did! I know, I know, I just did handbags yesterday! Believe me when I tell you, you'll be glad I did LANCEL today. (Just so you know, when you get to the website click on The Maison Lancel, then click Lancel Vintage)

Vintage 1930---Clutch Bag in Brown Crocodile with Calman's head and feet added. Interior taupe with a zipped pocket, vanity mirror and a purse. Special Order

Vintage 1937 Black and Blue Leather Surrealist Umbrella Bag with a Faux Ivory Ball Handle. Middnight Blue moire interior with a small pocket. Reeditioned in 1996.

Vintage 1930 Evening Clutch Bag with Flap and Inside Compartment in Black Elephant Skin and smooth leather. White metal logo clasp. Black Lambskin interior.

Vintage 1890, Minaudierie in Morrocco leather with a "Bookbinding" tooled finish on one side. Green woven Satin Interior. Contains a purse, vanity mirror, and a powder-puff sleeve. Purse in a "cordoue leather" style, lined with morrocco leathered and green woven satin.

Now that's a WOW! I'd pay for these bags with out any reservations! Besides their Vintage Collection of Bags their line for this year is outstanding too. Check it out! Sales on the Internet as well as stores in Chicago, Detroit, New York and Washington , DC.

"We need men who can dream of things that never were."---John F. Kennedy

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