Friday, May 2, 2008

Dress Of The Day

I walked outside my door the other day and I happened to notice that one of my tulips bloomed. Its just a small yellow dainty little thing, but it bloomed. Then I suddenly realized that it was spring and maybe I can finally break out my flip-flops {they're the only flat shoes I own sadly} or even better my high heel sandals, YES! Ok, well maybe it's a little too early for sandals. But if I can get away with them, this is the dress I would definitely wear with them.

Spring is the perfect time for flowers of course and that happens to be one of this years biggest trends. So it's only fitting that this Missoni Ninive dress has caught my eye. Im not big on a ton of floral prints and I'd rather have a simple flower encompassing the entire dress than million covering it. Plus with something simple like this it continues to gives off a youthful edge which allows it to flow between the edge brackets. Twenty somethings will probably opt to go bare legged, while thirty somethings will choose to belt it at the waist and match it with a nice pair of pants.